What Makes Hannah Butcher? ‘Azeem Digital Asks’ Podcast Appearance

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Azeem Digital Asks Podcast, and my episode “What Makes Hannah Butcher?” is now available for you to listen to, in which I answer that very question.

The episode kicks off with Azeem asking me about the most embarrassing fashion trend I used to rock, before going on to speak about my journey into the digital marketing industry, how I came to start Belong Digital, and how I got into mentoring.

My career journey

In the episode, you will hear all about my journey into digital marketing, how I got into SEO, and the experience that I have gained over the 11 years I’ve been working within the industry. I share the advice I wished I could have given myself when I first started out, and offer some insights that others can learn from.

I discusses how when COVID-19 hit, I was working within an industry which was hit hard by the pandemic, and having been let go from my job, I first found my feet freelancing, before deciding to start my own company, Belong Digital. I touch on the new challenges that come with running a business, while also doing work for clients and keeping a healthy work/life balance.

Inspiring leadership, and the importance of mentoring

We also discuss how I got into mentoring, the themes that come up during mentoring sessions, and some of the outcomes I have seen from my mentorship relationships so far. 

I also talk about how important it is for people to have access to these relationships, and how if more people get into mentoring, the more accessible it will become for people to find a mentor who is a great match for them, that they can have a great relationship with.

The Women in Tech SEO community have recently launched their mentorship programme, and I put on a training session for the mentors, many of whom are mentoring for the first time ever. I talk about how this is not only a great way for me to give back to the community and utilise my mentorship skills, but an important step in making mentorship more accessible for everybody. 

Hopefully you think it’s a great episode, so if you want to learn more about finding a mentor (or even becoming one yourself) go listen to it now!

You can follow Azeem on Twitter, and also follow the podcast. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other popular podcasting platforms, and you can also catch my episode on YouTube