Mentoring for Digital Marketers

One of my mentees recently said: “I practice self-care in my personal life, so I realised I should do this in my professional life too.” Which is why she ended up approaching me about my mentoring services and joining me for regular sessions.

These words do a nice job summarising what I do. I help you to rediscover your passion, self-worth and the direction of your career.

I ask the questions, and you find the answers. As we work together, your professional goals will become better defined and more realistic. We’ll discover your natural strengths, the areas that bring you joy, and conquer some negative thoughts along the way.

Do you need a mentor?

If you’re not quite sure whether mentoring is something you want or need, take a look at these common themes:

  • Dealing with rejections
  • How to work better with colleagues
  • Issues with a line manager
  • Finding a more positive mindset
  • Creative thinking
  • Building better relationships
  • How mental health can affect work
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Developing self-worth

As a designated “no judgement” zone, I let each video chat naturally evolve as it needs to, each session following a theme that is important to your progress.

All sessions are completely confidential. I use counselling skills like active listening and empathy to help you to find your own answers and actions, and don’t offer advice unless it is requested. As a digital marketer with over a decade of experience in agencies, I am familiar with many of the situations and stresses that may be brought up in our sessions..


I am a trusted mentoring provider in the digital marketing industry, backed up by testimonials and qualifications. I have a diploma qualification in counselling skills, and I am furthering my education by working towards a ILM certificate for effective mentoring and coaching (level 5).