Confidence & Resilience for Search Marketers – Crawling Mondays Apperance

I recently joined Aleyda Solis on her fantastic Crawling Mondays YouTube series, alongside the wonderful Kirsty Hulse, for a slightly different episode than usual.

Aleyda’s 2.86K subscribers tune in for regular discussions on SEO topics from site migrations to keyword research, and everything in between, but for this special episode the topic was slightly different – confidence and resilience for search marketers.

SEO and digital marketing can be a high-stress industry, and many people who work in the field can definitely relate to having felt low on confidence or to struggling for a variety of reasons at points throughout their careers, so this is an important discussion to be having, and it was wonderful to be involved.

Do Search Marketers suffer from more confidence and resilience issues?

In this episode, we discussed whether search marketers suffer more from confidence and resilience issues than other industries might, and Kirsty offered some great insights into the universal struggles we all face when it comes to the fear of failure.

I touch upon how important it is that we’re all starting to open up and talk to each other more about the struggles we all face, the various themes that come up during my mentoring sessions with those who work within digital marketing, as well as some of the contributing factors that can arise as agencies grow and expand.

Which related issues SEOs suffer the most from and tips to avoid them

Aleyda asked which issues SEOs might face the most, and I discuss the benefits of owning what you’re doing and putting less pressure on yourself to fast track your career, while Kirsty touches upon the natural desire we all have to compare ourselves to others and some practical exercises that can help.

Aleyda shared her thoughts on the importance of understanding our strengths and our own journey, without becoming sidetracked by what we observe other people in the industry doing, which made for a great discussion.

Advice to SEOs who would like to start speaking but are afraid to do so

Finally, we discussed events and public speaking, which is something that just about everybody in the SEO industry will have exposure to, whether it’s attending events as a guest, or speaking themselves. 

For anybody who is considering giving speaking a go but is feeling scared of giving it a try, I shared my own experience of public speaking for the first time, and the three of us discuss how we can better understand the role our nerves play, and how to deal with the various situations that can arise when speaking at an event.

We each gave a final confidence tip for search marketers to wrap things up, and the insights shared should hopefully resonate, no matter what stage you’re at with your career.

You can watch the episode on YouTube now, and follow Crawling Mondays and Aleyda on twitter for more great episodes and SEO content. Be sure to also give Kirsty a follow, and check out the fantastic work she is doing with Roar Training.

If you’re struggling with your own confidence at the moment, or would like some help honing your management skills, be sure to check out my mentoring and coaching services, as I’d love to help.