Belong Digital Supports the WiTSEO Mentorship Program

Here at Belong Digital, mentoring is one of my core services, and I believe that having access to mentorship is important for empowering people to realise their potential and show everybody that they do belong, without feeling the need to fit in when they are born to stand out.

Mentoring can help you to learn to clarify goals, handle rejection, build better relationships and strengthen your self-worth, leading to a more positive mindset, greater creativity and fewer battles against the dreaded imposter syndrome.

Having a confidential, judgement-free space to explore your goals, struggles and feelings can help you to find the answers you’ve been looking for, and find confidence and clarity.

The Women in Tech SEO mentorship program

The Women in Tech SEO community recently launched an incredible mentorship program, to give women at all stages of their SEO career the opportunity to learn from peers in the community, and for both mentors and mentees to feel empowered and support one another.

In a male-dominated industry, the importance of having a space for women to mentor one another was clear, and so, building on the success of the community already delivering on its promise to provide a safe space for women to learn more about Tech SEO, the mentorship program was launched.

The first run of the program is already proving to be a huge success, with Areej and Naomi putting in a lot of hard work matching the profiles of mentors and mentees (and from the early feedback from participants, they’ve done a phenomenal job of matching people up). Overall, 210 mentors/mentees have been matched, which is a huge achievement and so exciting for everybody involved.

The mentorship program will be taking place during August and September, with at least one 30 minute mentorship session per week, and there’s no doubt that it will be of enormous value to both mentors and mentees.

Mentoring the mentors

For many mentors, this program is the first time they’ve ever given mentoring a try, and that’s where I come in to the picture. I’ve mentored lots of women within the digital marketing industry, have a wealth of SEO experience and also have a qualification in counselling skills. This meant I was perfectly placed to coach the wonderful WiTSEO mentors who were feeling nervous about mentoring for the first time.

My mentorship training session kicked off on the 13th of August, taking mentors through what it means to be a mentor, and what to expect from a mentorship relationship. If you’re a mentor taking part in the programme and you missed my session, then not to worry – the session was recorded so that you can catch up!

You can find out more about my mentoring services, as well as the Women in Tech SEO Mentorship Progam, and as the wonderful Women in Tech SEO community.