Mentoring & coaching with Hannah Butcher

Belong Digital may be a little bit different, but I hope that’s why you’re here. You don’t often come across a consultant that excels with client campaigns and is also a recognised mentoring provider in the digital marketing industry, but hey – you’ve found me.

My Story

My career in marketing started over a decade ago in Manchester, UK. As journalism graduate, I found my first role in a media agency on the fledgling SEO team. I was an SEO Copywriter, which led me to specialise in content strategy, creation and outreach throughout the years that followed.

It was when I started managing people that I realised that I was responsible for so much more than reporting on website visitor numbers, domain authority (don’t judge, we’re talking about ye olden times here) and PageRank (again, shh). I had to put aside my introverted nature and learn to talk to my team members.

As it turns out, I was a natural at the people management side. And despite my limited experience, I promised myself I’d never be a micromanager, bully or take myself too seriously. This meant people could talk to me about how they felt they were performing, behaving and progressing in the work environment, and I would listen with earnest, even when I didn’t have all of the answers.

My Future

After working at too many toxic work environments to count on my fingers, I launched Belong Digital Ltd to help people to be more content. Particularly women, because we face gender bias every day in our careers. As an aside: when I told my previous line manager that I was expecting a baby, his words were “Oh, shit”.

I am currently the Head of SEO at Re:signal, and offer my mentoring services in my spare time.

Mentoring & Coaching

I’m quickly becoming the “go to” person for mentoring in the SEO and digital marketing industries, leading to my nomination in the #TechWomen100 Champion award. I’ve spoken about my passion for mentoring on podcasts and webinars, and I’ve also mentored over 20 women in tech this year. I led the Women in Tech SEO training session for all new mentors who signed up to take part in the program, with lots of positive feedback.

I recently gained a counselling skills diploma, and I’m working on an ILM level 5 certification in effective mentoring and coaching at management level.

So, yes. I may be a little bit different. But I like it that way, and I hope you do too.